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  • What do you mean by 'collaborative'?         

There is a lot of talk about collaboration at ELT.Training. This is for a good reason, none of us can claim to be expert at everything, but we each have something we know that others don't. By sharing this knowledge we all benefit.

In the courses and workshops we can share in real time, doing tasks, during group sessions or in a forum or chat box. At the end of the workshops and courses you will have amassed a good set of resources and ideas from the shared experiences of the course leader and other teachers that you can take away and use in your own teaching.

If you have an idea for a webinar, course, workshop or post, let us know. ELT.Training would love to help you share your knowledge with other teachers. If you have some great professional development resources or your own blog, send them this way and get the word out.


  • What video-conferencing software do I need for the courses and workshops?

Zoom, you will also need to make sure your camera and microphone are working (and switched on). If you don't already have a zoom account, go to www.zoom.com and sign up. It is quick, easy and free - everyone's three favourite things.


  • How much are the ELT.Training courses and workshops?

Short courses are 200euros, longer courses 500euros 3 hour workshops 90euros (or 120 if you want a certificate for CPF - France). There are also FREE 1 hour workshops and webinars and a reflective challenge that run from time to time, these have no limit on the number of participants and tend not to go too deeply into topics - but can be fun!


  • I am an AE in France - can I use my CPF to pay for courses and workshops? 

I'm so glad you asked - yes you can. If you have enough hours banked, FIF-PL will reimburse you for the cost of your training. You will need to set up an account and claim the reimbursement within 10 days of finishing the course or workshop. Because of the extra administration involved, ELT.Training charges an additional 30 euros for this service (which will be added to the reimbursable amount). Contact me for more details.


  • How do the paid workshops work?

Workshops take place on a Saturday morning from 9am - 12pm (CET) for 3 hours, with a short break of about 10 minutes in the middle (so you can top up on tea, change nappies, 'powder your nose', have a smoke etc). You will need to have a Zoom account (see above) and a working microphone and camera. Workshops have a maximum of 12 participants. Activities and tasks will done as a whole group, individually and in small 'breakout' groups or pairs. The focus is on sharing experiences and what works for you, finding answers to your questions, learning new skills and meeting new people. The workshops are collaborative, but not a free-for-all. They are led by an experienced teacher trainer (DipTESOL) and structured to make the most out of everyone's knowledge and experience


  • How do the courses work?

Much the same as the workshops, but over a few weeks. There will be information and group tasks online for you to do in your own time and a weekly live session, where we share ideas and questions. The groups also have a maximum cohort of 12 and a minimum of 3 - if (for some inexplicable reason) there are fewer than 3 registered participants, a full refund will be given or the course may be rescheduled (you choose). The courses are also structured, longer courses are divided into 4 modules and short, 2 modules, with content released weekly. Each module is further divided into units. You should expect to commit to 4 hours of study a week. If you are unable to attend the live session (it's best you do though), it is recorded and added to the course platform the following day. Live session times are agreed as a group, to find the most suitable time for the largest number of participants.


  • How can I secure my place at a course or workshop?

You will need to register on the course platform (link here) and join the course or workshop by clicking on the appropriate image. You will be asked to pay a deposit of 30euros. This is non-refundable (except in case of the course/workshop being cancelled by ELT.Training) the balance is due 21 days before the start of the course/workshop. Registration will close once the maximum number of participants is reached. You can also see which courses and workshops are coming soon by going to the course platform, the 'courses' page of this site, checking Facebook or signing up for the newsletter on the home page.


  • Why don't you have any free copies of popular books?

All books that are available on this site have been released for free download by either the author or the publisher. Researching, writing and producing a book takes a lot of time and effort, it is unfair and downright wrong to then steal someone's hard work and give it away for free. Would you give away all of your lessons for free?


  • How can I contribute to the blog?

Ooh please do, I'll bet you know something really useful... Contact me and we can chat about it


  • I am thinking of creating a course or webinar on a topic that teachers might like - can you help?

Yes I can! You can use the ELT.Training course platform, or we can add it to our list of resources, contact me to chat about it and any other questions you might have.


  • I have a really good idea for a webinar, can I advertise it here?

Yup, you most certainly can - if it is free then great, if you want to charge then ELT.Training will take a teensy commission to help pay for the upkeep of the site. Contact me for a chat (gosh I'm getting chatty) 


  • Will you come to my school and run a staff development day?

Almost certainly, We are based in France, but have contributors all over the place. Contact me for a chat to discuss your requirements.


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