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André Hedlund


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The Brain & How to Help our Learners Learn (Metacognitive Strategies according to the Science of Learning)


Learning how to learn (metacognition) has become just as important as learning itself. In this webinar, We will explore the most recent research and analysis on the subject and relate the findings to how we can use these study techniques to help our students both in and out of the classroom, and also ourselves, as learners.

ELT.Training is thrilled to announce our first guest webinar, from André Hedlund.

André has supported the ELT.Training project from the very beginning - for which I, Tamara, am very grateful. He has also written a couple of posts for the blog here too.

André is a Chevening Scholar from Brazil, has an MSc in Psychology of Education from the University of Bristol, UK, and is a pedagogical consultant for National Geographic Learning. He has been an EFL teacher for over 15 years, has presented at conferences and symposia around the world and is the current president of Partners of the Americas Goiás and representative of BRAZ-TESOL’s Mind, Brain, and Education Special Interest Group.


If you are interested (and why wouldn't you be?) in how the brain actually goes about learning new things, and how you can apply this to your teaching, then André is the man to help. In all honesty, if he doesn't know it, you probably don't need to know either.