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The JLA Cert. TESOL Online is an intensive, comprehensive training course delivered in conjunction with ELT.Training.

This course is designed to give you all the skills you need to plan, prepare and deliver effective, engaging English lessons.


To learn the skills and techniques needed to become an effective English language teacher



Those with little or no teaching experience



Level B2 in English minimum



100% online



120 hours over 4 weeks



By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Establish a positive learning environment and connect with your students

  • Teach engaging, practical lessons that allow your students to be in charge of their own lessons

  • Implement the best methodologies and approaches in line with what we know about how people learn

  • Develop clear learning objectives and plan carefully structured lessons

  • Conduct assessments that are both practical and meaningful

  • Develop teaching materials that students will enjoy learning from

  • Help your students develop important life-skills, such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration and more

  • Use educational technology to enhance the learning process and to take your teaching online



The JLA Cert. TESOL Online offers all of the features you’d expect from a leading in-class TESOL course with the added convenience of being delivered entirely online:

  • Dynamic, interactive, personalised training
  • Group oriented and discussion-based sessions
  • Closely mentored assignments
  • Real teaching practice

The four-week course consists of 80+ hours of live training sessions, plus independent study, written assignments and assessed teaching practice, totalling over 120 hours.


COST $450

SAVE $50 OFF using code ELT50

May be reimbursable for eligible French registered Auto Entrepreneurs and Professions Libéralles (FIF-PL) - contact for more details

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The JLA Cert. TESOL Online is a competency-based qualification, meaning that when you hold a JLA Certificate, you have proven yourself to be an effective teacher.

At over 120 hours in total, the JLA Cert. TESOL Online exceeds the industry standards for TEFL and TESOL certificates held by employers the world over. And, because this is a live training course, unlike the majority of online TESOL courses, you will have full access to real trainers everyday as well as daily interaction with the other participants on the course. This means that as well as the curriculum, you will receive valuable insights from real people, share experiences with other new and experienced teachers from all over the world and develop lasting relationships with your fellow graduates.

Why should i choose the jla cert. tesol with elt.training?

This is not your average online TEFL course. This is not just a series of articles, videos and quizzes. This is real training with real trainers.

During the intensive, four-week course you will join over 80 hours of live sessions with real trainers and other participants from around the world.


Your instructors

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Karl Millsom 

EFL teacher and Teacher Trainer who has lived and worked in Indonesia since 2008. Began training teachers in the TESOL context, but is now motivated to introduce TESOL methodology to teachers of other subjects.

Tamara Parsons 

Teacher, trainer, EdTech enthusiast, conference speaker and founder of ELT.Training. CELTA and DipTESOL qualified. Likes learning new skills, hopping out of the comfort zone and collaborating with other teachers. Particularly interested in pron, ELF and the fluency/accuracy debate.