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If you struggle with teaching pronunciation or want to incorporate more pronunciation work into your lessons, but don't quite know where/how to start, this workshop is probably just what you have been waiting for...


To improve knowledge and practical ability in teaching pronunciation



English language teachers



Level B2 in English minimum



Live online session



3 hours



By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Use the phonemic chart with your learners (as much or as little as you like)

  • Incorporate pronunciation into your day-to-day lessons

  • Prioritise the elements of pronunciation that cause communication difficulties

  • Use a range of activities and games with your learners

  • Know how to create a bank of useful resources

  • Feel confidant in your technical ability and knowledge of teaching techniques


  • Why pronunciation is important
  • How and when to teach it
  • Using the phonemic chart
  • Basic phonology
  • How sounds are formed
  • Identifying problem sounds
  • Minimal pairs
  • Connected speech
  • Linking and liaison
  • Nuclear stress
  • English as a Lingua Franca

Cost - 90 euros

Reimbursable for eligible French registered Auto Entrepreneurs and Professions Libéralles (FIF-PL)

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